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Yvan Serrano-Fontova aka Dj Healer Selecta

Healer Selecta (aka Yvan Serrano Fontova) is a UK-based, Musician, Band leader, DJ, music promoter, Talents spotters with Raison D'Etre-Reason2b Collective ( 54 Nude Honey, Noisettes, Charlie Winston and many more) and lead guitarist with his band The DUSTAPHONICs

Yvan (Healer Selecta) is one of those multi talented characters in music who has blazed his own individual and highly independent trail right from the outset, at the botton line is all about music!


Starting his musical journey early on, aged 10 started his own radio show (Radio Dira Tulle France) and playing along on his guitar to 45s by Cramps, Link Wray and Magic Sam and digging the rebellious sounds his rock & roll and R&B heroes like Gene Vincent and Bo Diddley, Yvan was already displaying his wide ranging, eclectic thirst for music that was raw, exciting, retro and powerful.


By the age of 18 , he moved to Limoges (France) he was putting on parties, gigs, shows, festivals and playing guitar in bands like The Blue Devils (Bad Karma records/Roller Coaster Records) , Showman & Thunderous Staccatos ( Repent record US/ Alopecia UK) and during tours, grooving to whatever hidden gems he dug out of the dusty record boxes of record shacks across Europe and the US.


The Healer Selecta phenomenon started in England in the mid 90's, in the heart of Shoreditch, where Yvan  has been involved with an amazing array of influential figures over the years as a musician, club promoter, DJ, and film music supervisor, including Radio 1 DJJohn Peel, Cult Actress Tura Satana, British Studio owners Ed Deegan, Liam Watson, British musicians Bruce Brand, Sir Bald, American cult pioneers Wanda Jackson, Bo Diddley,  promoter and ace DJ, Adrian Gibson, Artist & promoter Chris Pleydell, entrepreneur & club owner Feyaz Mustafa . Musician and A&R Greg Boraman,as well as his own well renowned Raison D'Etre Collective, where he offered, to a new generation of musicians influenced by the roots and vintage music, a new scene in the heart of London: The RAISON D'ETRE-REASON2B COLLECTIVE co-created in 2000 with artist designer Crystal De Champ, collaborated with so many over the years, from Glastonbury Festival, Metropolis Group & Studios, Jazz Cafe, 100 Club, Dingwalls,The Spitz, el Paso, etc..


In 2008, Freestyle records signed Healer Selecta 's project for an album of Funk Soul Reggae feat British Actress & Singer  Ophelia Lovibond, Aina, Aher Storm. 


The same year, an other English label, Dirty Water, signed Yvan 's Rock n Roll -Rhythm & Blues project ,THE DUSTAPHONICS, feat Bruce Brand on drums, Dirty Water release the first single on vinyl and released the song Burlesque Queen ,co-wrote with cult actress from  Russ Meyer 's classic movie "Faster Pussy cat kill kill."


It's not for nothing that respected publications in UK sing his praises: International music bible Mojo magazine declared that 'Healer Selecta has made London swing again' whilst London listings magazine Time Out described Yvan as a 'a hero with a record box. Where Healer Selecta goes the party is sure to follow"

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