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LPs & CDs
Single Vinyl

- The Dustaphonics: "Party Girl / Soul Version" "Q Sounds groove" "Witch of the night" Q-SOUNDS RECORDING 2015 - PARIS - FRANCE


- The Dustaphonics: "(The) JINX " Munster Records/ Vampisoul  2011 Spain

Gizzard Studio London


-Dustaphonics: "Burlesque Queen" Dirty Water 2010 UK

Gizzard Studio London


-Popcorn Brothers (feat Healer Selecta & Liam Watson): "PopCorn Train" King 2001 UK

Toe Rag Studio London



-PopCorn Brothers: (feat Healer Selecta & Liam Watson):  'Purple Hot Dog' King A Ling records 1999 UK- Toe Rag Studio London



-The Sidekicks "In & Out" Munster" Records Spain 1999

Toe Rag Studio London



-The Sidekicks "Big Town Redneck" Corduroy Records Australia 1998

Toe Rag Studio London



-The Blue Devils " Bad Karma" Salsa Picante records Fr 1996

Toe Rag Studio London



-Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos "Blowgasser" UK 1996

Toe Rag Studio London



-Blue Devils/MiniCooperGang "All HellBreaksLoose" Makeface Rds Fr 1995

XXX Studio Limoges



-Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos"EP" Repent records USA 1994

Senor Serrano Studios Limoges



-The Blue Devils" Blue Devils King/Tornado" Bad Karma rds Fr 1993

Le Chalet Studio Bordeaux


- Next Message From the Man 2"Lets get It" Japan 2011 CD


- Raison D'Etre Collective (featuring Noisettes, Charlie Winston..)



King ALing records 2004 CD

- LOCKED IN SURF vol 2 : "Showman "TieKiro" UK 1996 CD/LP

- LOCKED IN SURF vol 2 "Los Phantomas "Branded" UK 1996 CD/LP

- LOCKED IN SURF Vol 1: "Showman"RP600" UK 1996 CD/LP

- LET IT ALL OUT vol 1 : The Blue Devils"Lotta Rhythm" UK 1996 CD/LP

A&R Singles/45s

- Stiff Naked Fool" Rocket Man" KIng A Ling 2005 (available on Craig Charles Compilation)


-The Soul Implosion: 'Sleek Walk" King A Ling 2000 UK


- Knockouts "Aeba suki Suki" Mademoiselle Rds 1998


- 54 Nude Honeys "I am a rubber man" Mademoiselle Rds 1998


- Lulu's Marble " Roadrunner" Mademoiselle Rds 1997


- The Dirty Burds "Weasel's Lair" Mademoiselle Rds 1997


- The Diaboliks "I can't Sleep at Night" Mademoiselle Rds 1996


- 54 NUDE HONEY "Hot Generation" Mademoiselle rds UK 1998

A&R Compilations

- Buttshakers Soul Party Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 &10 Mister Luckee Rds 1996 - 2013


- Hootchie Coothie Comp - Wiggle Rds 1995

- The Dustaphonics "Johnny & Bo", Dirty Water records UK 2016


- The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town", Dirty Water records UK 2014



-The Dustaphonics" Party Girl" King A Ling Records/ Dirty Water UK 2012

Gizzard Studio London



-The Dustaphonics " Burlesque Queen" King A Ling Rds UK 2010

Gizzard Studio London


- Healer Selecta : "Let's Get it started" Freetsyle records UK 2009

Gizzard Studio London



-Healer Selecta Live DJ set at Jazz Cafe " King A Ling 2005


-Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos "Eat My Dust" UK 1995

Toe Rag Studio London



- Blue Devils" All Hell Breaks Loose" Roller Coaster records Fr 1994

Toe Rag Studio London

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